Specialist in matching

We are Freelance Group, specialized in finding and matching highly qualified personnel across borders. Freelance Group provides professional employees for a wide variety of clients in the Netherlands within different business sectors. Whatever your background, we will find the perfect job for you!

Working in the Netherlands

Freelance Group acts as more than just a mediator between employer and employees. Our goal is to facilitate the perfect match, where we take care of all the aspects of moving to and living and working in the Netherlands. We start by handling the job search process, together with recruiters in various countries we start the search for the best qualified personnel for the job description.

We take care of your concerns

Once we find the perfect match, Freelance Group will facilitate all necessary steps and procedures for you to work and live in the Netherlands. We take care of your move to the Netherlands, by not only organizing the move and voyage but also covering all additional costs. Furthermore, we will arrange your complete stay in the Netherlands, by accommodating residence, your own transportation, a valid driver’s license if necessary and your health insurance.

We will guarantee your stay is a success

And once you’ve completed your move to the Netherlands and start working? We do not stop there! As long as you stay in the Netherlands, our professional staff will provide you with help for every question or issue. We will help you in settling down, both in the workplace and at home, and provide you with any further (language) classes and schooling to guarantee that your stay and work in the Netherlands will become a success!

Triggered and ready to join us in this adventure? Then quickly scroll through our active vacancies or contact us by sending an open application.

Our philosophy

At Freelance Group we believe in an international labour market. We do not let land borders stop us in our search for the perfect match between employers and employees. We carry this philosophy with us by focusing on scarcity in various sectors of the Dutch labour market. We support our clients in the often difficult search for qualified personnel, literally by pushing our boundaries each day. Freelance Group helps in the matching process of employers and employees on the international labour market.

However, we don’t stop after finding the perfect match. At Freelance Group we always strive for the best for our clients and personnel. Therefore, we take over the complete process of hiring international employees. Because we believe the perfect match does not exist unless our employees are able to work freely and feel secure. At Freelance Group we take care of all issues regarding a move to the Netherlands and we will be of support to you every step of the way.